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Our mission is to Build Something Great.

About to construct a building? Sounds like your team needs our team.

As a manufacturer and a supplier of structural building components for over 40 years, we’ve raised the bar through innovative and realistic building solutions.  

Whether you are building a new home, a multi-family complex or a commercial building…

Here’s who we help…

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Advantages for architects

Advantages for architects

Advantages for contractors

Advantages for contractors

Advantages for engineers

Advantages for engineers

Advantages for homeowners

Advantages for homeowners

And here’s how our process works…

Our process works because we've got your back

Once your plan has been finalized and engineered to meet all the building codes, production begins. After production, the component package is then loaded and trucked to your job site. It can then be erected by your crew (minimum crew size is four) or by our experienced erection crew. Our crane is available to assist in the erection process.



Manufactured with complete design and engineering of trusses.

Wall Panels

Wall Panels

Manufactured with complete design and engineering of floor systems.

Floor Systems

Floor Systems

Panels are constructed in a controlled environment using state-of-the-art equipment so you can assure you’re getting a straight more precisely built product.



All selections for your new home can be made onsite in our one-stop shopping selection showroom.


And here’s why it works…

Ready to learn the advantages? Here they are.

We save you time

Shorter start-to-finish construction cycle time; a weather-tight panelized shell can be finished in days, as opposed to weeks

We build green

All plans are fully engineered before the first board is cut, eliminating waste typically found on most construction sites. Cut offs and short lengths are recycled

Our products are better quality

Panels are constructed in a controlled environment using state-of-the-art equipment resulting in more precisely built trusses, floor systems and wall panels

Increase your profits

Panelization allows you to build more homes year round without having to hire more crews, which results in less overhead, insurance and expenses

Our homes are more efficient

Order all your building material at one place eliminating paperwork and hassles

Better cost control

We make time and save you money

We're family owned

We're family owned meaning we're dedicated to you

Value engineered with a fixed bid

We work so you don't have to

Always on time

Home components are shipped on own trucks to home site on time

And here’s proof…

How we save you time and give you products that are efficient

Would you ask your mechanic to go to the local auto parts store and buy what he or she needs to build a car? We wouldn’t either. That’s why here at Blenker Building Systems, all our homes are designed and engineered with manufactured components. Manufactured components complete the task of framing in less time, using less material and ultimately, resulting in a more reliable structure. We teamed up with the Structural Building Components Association (SBCA) to showcase how efficient our manufactured components are compared to stick built homes. The proof is in the video below.

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Our Project Portfolio

Take a look at some of our past projects

Single Family Residential

Single Family Residential

Multi-family Residential

Multi-family Residential





What our clients are saying

"Well, it looks like we own our new house. Looking forward to being your neighbors . . . if spring would ever show up. Dang . . . we still have April 25th as a move in date. Seems just like yesterday we stopped by your offices and asked about having you build us a new home . . . and here we are, ready to move. The whole experience has been wonderful. From your planning to your work to your advice. Thanks so much for keeping us on track and on budget. We couldn't be more pleased. Pam, Kelli put a coat of the Watco treatment on the walnut yesterday. Looks gorgeous. Coat #2 today. Well, I'm off to search for spring . . . I know it's out their somewhere . . . I hope. Again, thanks for everything!"

John and Kelli Zellmer, Built their home with Blenker Construction

"Dale and I want to thank all the people at the Blenker Company for the excellent work done on our new house near Black River Falls. Professional, hard working, friendly, careful to detail are all words that come to mind when I think of the construction team that came to the site everyday for two weeks in August. They came again in October to help install the windows. Where I first saw them, wearing hard hats, I knew they took their work seriously. The last time in October, everyone worked steady all morning, no breaks and helped our contractor, Tom Prohl from PDS Construction, with everything he asked of them. I can’t thank them enough. The building product was built so well and Dale was impressed with everything he saw. This is a slick way to construct a building in a quality fashion and save time and materials. We would recommend your company – and have – to anyone looking to build. All of you at the Blenker Company should be proud of a great product and we hope you get great satisfaction in building homes like ours. Thank you for coming to Black River Falls and building our new home!"

Christine Hagen

"Rutkowski Family Limited Partnership (RFLP) builds single-family spec homes and small condo developments. We like to start with raw land and build a finished product that meets the standards of what would be considered upper mid-tier developments. We found the most cost effective way to do this was purchase our own crane, have Blenker build the panelized components and erect them ourselves. Blenker Building System allows us to control costs and know what they are before we start a job. We want to know our costs and so does our bank! We don’t want surprises. There are many reasons why we use panelized construction, most of which are well known or obvious: better quality, quicker time to “dried in shell”, under roof and weather tight, weather is usually not a factor, and better cost control Blenker has always delivered on time. We also appreciate the fact that when minor problems occurred, Blenker was easy to work with when resolving issues. They offer good design, good engineering and deliver a quality product to you on time and on budget."

Ronald M. Rutkowski, Rutkowski Family Limited Partnership

"Justin, The professionalism that you, Rick and the rest of the staff have towards the projects that we’ve worked together on is very good and is one of the primary reasons that I keep coming back with more projects. Thank you and keep up the good work."

Brad Kortbein (Architect), Cornerstone Architects
We provide services throughout the Midwest

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