Wall Panels

About This Project

Definition of a wall panel

  • A wall panel is simply used in the construction of a pre-fab home
  • Similar to site construction, we’ll build our walls in sections in our manufacturing facility and we’ll ship them out to the jobsites
  • Exterior walls usually in 28 foot long sections and interior walls up to fourteen foot long sections

Advantages of wall panels

  • Design
    • We have multiple professional designers on staff
    • Structural software ensures structures are properly sized
  • Quality Control System
    • Blenker Companies, Inc. does quality inspections all the time
    • Again, these help ensure structures are properly sized
  • Ease of installation
    • Cranes pick up each individual panel
    • We follow OSHA regulations allowing panels to go up quickly
  • Products are built in a controlled environment
    • We don’t have to work in the cold with the 45 degree temperature in the manufacturing facility
    • This allows for a quality product
    • Tarps are used to protect structures from snow and rain
    • We reduce site time with components vs. stick framed elements


Wall Panels