Nail It! Conference, Award Ceremony Recognizes Builders’ Achievements

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Blenker Companies, Inc., a structural building components manufacturer, recognized builders’ achievements, with its first Nail It! Your Guide to Surviving and Thriving in Business Conference and Awards Ceremony at the Holiday Inn at Stevens Point Convention Center from March 8 to 10.

The Nail It! Conference and Awards Ceremony is a new conference this year, which honors all builders within the Blenker network. This network includes those builders under the Envision. Home at Last. and Blenker Building Systems, Inc. brands.

Envision. Home at Last. is the premiere builder network, with its own network of builders in a designated marketing territory, who have access to a pricing program and 3D design tools.

Blenker Building Systems, Inc. is a builder network without regard to territory, who receive the base framing and window packages.

“Our awards ceremony gives us a chance to recognize our builder partners and say thank you for the past year’s success,” Mark Robinson, business development leader of Blenker Building Systems, Inc. said. “We acknowledge those who raise the bar in their community to make the building experience a great one.”

The Envision. Home at Last. builder of the year award went to Heartland Custom Homes, Inc. located in Plover, Wisconsin.

Heartland Custom Homes, Inc. is no stranger to this award. They took home the award three times previously: in 2011, 2013 and 2015.

“Just know that Heartland is consistently at or near the top of the food chain every year,” Robinson said.

Robinson said that the owner, Brice Nelson, is always looking to improve his business.

“And this is every year, without fail,” Robinson said. “The reason is simple, Brice never rests on his laurels. He is committed to continuous improvement. It is part of his genetic makeup. We at Blenker cherish our relationship with Heartland Custom Homes and I am honored to help them raise the bar in central Wisconsin.”

The builder of the year award on the Blenker Building Systems, Inc. behalf went to Tim O’Brien Homes, Inc. of the Madison, Wisconsin division.

Their first project with Tim O’Brien Homes, Inc. dates back to spring 2016, when Blenker Building Systems, Inc. helped with the advanced framing techniques and offered to provide a solution with their diminished labor supply.

“Dozens of homes later, we continue to marvel at how easy it is to work with TOH,” Robinson said. “Not only are their processes well oiled, they are still flexible enough to make changes on the fly and provide an exceptional customer service experience to their homeowners.”

Robinson said one very admirable core value of TOH is their seemingly effortless determination to make those companies that work with them better.

“Each trade partner is treated as an extension of their family and it shows within the workmanship of their projects,” Robinson said. “Last minute plans didn’t allow for Danny Lowery, the Madison division president to be here but I know he would graciously accept this award with a smile on his face.”

The vendor of the year awards went to BlackHawk Industrial Distribution, Inc. and ABC Supply Co., Inc.

BlackHawk Industrial Distibution, Inc. the award for their support and service to builders on-site. They are Blenker Building Systems, Inc.’s source for all production supplies such as fasteners, air tools and many of their shipping supplies.

“Turn around times are beyond excellent,” Robinson said. “They are the behind the scenes partner that allows us to perform to the best of our abilities.”
ABC Supply Co., Inc. won the award for providing excellent support and service directly to Blenker builder partners on-site.

“Our relationship with ABC Supply continues to allow us to be better by offering direct on-site delivery, which means shorter lead times, less hassles and added conveniences such as hand-off deliveries and boom trucks to provide rooftop shingle loading,” Robinson said.

Robinson said attendees got to sharpen their minds at the conference with educational seminars from construction leaders from all-around the country during the three day event.

On Thursday, attendees met with George Hedley, owner of Hardhat Presentations, who has been working as a building coach for contractors for almost 10 years.
Nail It! Conference, Award Ceremony Recognizes Builders’ Achievements
His presentation was all about how contractors can accelerate their growth, make money and enjoy the benefits of running a business.

Following Hedley, attendees met with Brad Finck, senior vice president of Renoworks Software and Chantale Pitts, director of customer service group at Cadsoft Corp. Their presentations were all about how the Blenker builder network can use visual sales to sell more homes.

On Friday, attendees met with Joe Nagan, owner of Home Building Technology Services. He is also a private consultant on new, energy efficient projects and technical director for the Focus on Energy New Homes Program here in Wisconsin.

According to Nagan, the biggest takeaway that builders can pull from his presentation is that there is a need for homeowners to better understand and plan for energy efficiency features within their new home, rather than assume they’ll appear in their home, just because it is new.

Attendees got a deeper look into building science research with the last presenter, Justin Wilson, one of the principle partners of Construction Instruction (CI), a team who works to find the best building practices for homes.

His presentation was threefold: national and international home trends, creating highly advanced energy efficient buildings and the need for better communication within the industry.

“One of the other messages that we really looked at was communication within our industry and how we reach and communicate with the outside world, meaning our consumers, our trade partners and others,” Wilson said. ”We’ve got to become better communicators and understand what they really want and how to get them to ask the correct questions.”

This year’s winners:

Vendor Partners of the Year:

Support and service to builders on-site –
ABC Supply Co., Inc.
Support and service directly to
Blenker Building Systems, Inc.
plant – BlackHawk Industrial Distribution, Inc.

Envision. Home at Last. Award Winners:

Builder of the Year – Heartland Custom Homes, Inc.
Workhorse of the Year – Eagle Homes II
Project of Distinction – Stutzman Builders, L.L.C.
New Builder of the Year – Dream Big Developments, Inc.
Large Project of the Year – Reetz Builders, L.L.C.
Small Project of the Year – Home Style Contractors, L.L.C.
Rookie of the Year – John Michael Homes, L.L.C.

Blenker Building Systems, Inc. Award Winners:

Builder of the Year – Tim O’Brien Homes, Inc.
Commercial Project of the Year – Miron Construction Co., Inc.
Set Crew of the Year – K&K Builders of Black Earth WI, L.L.C.
Large Project of the Year – Carstensen Homes, L.L.C.
Small Project of the Year – Evergreen Homes, L.L.C.
Rookie of the Year – J.P. & Co.