Blenker Companies, Inc. Expands, Hammers Onward with Career Opportunities

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Business is booming at Blenker Companies, Inc., the structural building components facility in Amherst, Wisconsin, which is currently hiring for almost a dozen positions with the goal of reaching 100 employees within the next two years.

The business is constantly adding new people and positions: growing from more than 50 employees two years ago, to nearly 80 employees today.

They’re currently hiring for an architectural designer, class A CDL truck driver, construction estimator, field crew carpenter, lumberyard specialist, production carpenter, production manager, a second shift production supervisor, project manager and a structural designer.

New employment opportunities are available because the business entered new markets, increased its builder network and went from doing general construction to building contracted buildings such as gas stations, apartment complexes, hotels and motels.

As a result of these developments, the volume of work grew exponentially in recent years. The business picked up numerous contracts and is looking for help.

Josh Boomer, the accounting manager said when he was out working in the shop, they’d do a couple residential houses a week, if that, but work has almost tripled since then.

Craig Littleton, a truss line leader, said nine years ago, they’d do two houses a week and now they’re doing entire floors of 44 unit apartment buildings a week. He said the amount of product that has left the building is tenfold.

These products are comprised of trusses, floor systems and wall panels. To get these components manufactured and delivered to job sites in a timely and proficient manner, employees credit the business’ constant innovation.

“They’re always looking for the next big thing,” Littleton said. “Ways to make our process easier, make our jobs easier.”

Operations expanded and construction began within the facility itself to include new office space for new employees. The business is anticipated to grow even more, according to Jenny Knutson, the cabinet specialist.

“The company itself has grown tremendously from the facility itself to the products that we offer and the products that we do manufacture here [have] just been phenomenal,” Knutson said. “I see Blenker Companies being a huge impact on the industry for quite some years to come.”

Jessica Anunson, an administrative assistant said what makes the business stand out and be successful is its policy of transparency and open, honest and crystal clear communication to all levels of its employees and departments. Employees get a complete understanding of what is going on within the business, which holds monthly meetings where they discuss their sales and current and future projects.

It’s this communication and teamwork, Tim Mueller, a business development manager said, which makes this place special.

Mueller said each member of the team holds themselves accountable and this makes every employee’s job easier and ensures the project is completed as planned.

Employees said the Blenker family takes pride in their employees. They said they are willing to nurture them and develop them further.

“Blenker Companies really works and helps its people develop and grow and to succeed,” Sean Collins, an estimator said. “Whether it’s a team lead or people down on the floor, people are teaching and developing and helping enable others to grow and develop and be better: people and employees.”

Peter Blenker started the business 42 years ago and the way he taught his sons is the same approach that he takes when teaching his employees, according to Al Leazer, the human resources and safety manager.

“He helped me to look at a nail gun in a different way than I would have any other time,” Leazer said. “And I think that’s what happens with each of the employees that are here: you know, we’re made to feel a part of a family and so that’s helped me to grow and to be more confident in who I am.”