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Our History/Mission/Values

Learn about our history, mission and values


After working for several years for a general contractor in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Peter Blenker, along with his wife Pamela Jewell decided to venture out on their own and start a new company located in Amherst, Wisconsin. In 1974, Peter and Pamela started Blenker Construction Inc., a contractor doing mostly remodeling and additions. After several long hard years, business began picking up and Peter hired on a few more people to help complete projects more efficiently. Peter would run the jobs and Pamela would take care of the book work and eventually some of the design work, as well as trying to raise three rambunctious young boys.

In the early ’80s, he turned to new construction including residential and light commercial properties. Peter and Pamela began building an excellent reputation in the central Wisconsin area and were well-known for their craftsmanship, award-winning designs and custom details.

The ’90s brought about a little more change and ingenuity when they brought the wall and floor panel production on line for the custom homes they built. This was the first step in the transition to manufacturing homes in a more controlled, safe and consistent manner. In 1999, Jason Blenker returned to work after completing school and a stint working for a national production homebuilder in Virginia, to evolve the manufacturing side of the business.

In 2004, the companies were re-organized: a parent company, Blenker Companies Inc.; and 5 subsidiary companies, all acting independently.

Blenker Construction Inc. continues to build award-winning custom homes and light commercial projects, completing eight to 12 homes annually.

Blenker Building Systems Inc. offers value driven wood framed building solutions to builders throughout the upper Midwest. As a manufacturer of panelized floors, walls and trusses, it simplifies the building process and allow its builder partners to meet the increasing market demands through reduced construction costs and time.

Our House Ltd. was formed to handle transporting goods for Blenker Building Systems Inc. as well as contract hauling for other businesses

Blenker Developments Inc. was also created as a land-holding and development portion of the business.

Envision. Home at Last. is comprised of premier builder partners located throughout the Midwest, which utilize state-of-the-art sales, design and construction tools that assist homeowners with building the custom home of their dreams. Its builders are located in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, upper Michigan and Wisconsin.

All of these businesses serve different client needs and strive to stay ahead of the times and keep customer loyalty and dedication.


To be a valued business partner by being an expert in design, product solutions, and execution.


Our company and core values are at the heart of everything we do. Whenever a decision has to be made, the questions must be asked, “Does it meet our core values?,” if it does not, then we will not proceed. The guidelines will help steer our decision making process to ensure customer satisfaction, retain quality employees, and produce the highest quality products and services. Keep those ideals in mind when completing your day to day duties and when in doubt run it through these tests of core values before continuing.

DRIVEN — Forget 100%, live at 125% or more. Always look to do more, come in early, stay late, always work hard, have a “can-do” attitude, stay focused, and find solutions.

PASSIONATE Bring passion every day, be self-motivated to succeed, engage in your work, be enthusiastic about people and your job, and have a desire to work at the highest level.

FORWARD THINKING Plan ahead—days, weeks, and months ahead and have a game plan. Always think about the next step—and the next person down the line. Begin with the end in mind to plan the next move.

LEVEL  Be straight forward: no deceit, no lies. There is no drama about why something did or did not happen. There is no gossip here—if there is an issue, deal directly with the person, and don’t talk behind their back.

OWN IT!  Own your tasks, duties, and responsibilities; get on a mission and take it on and solve the problem. Don’t wait or place blame on someone else for not being able to get it done.

Our Management

Our Presidents

Peter Blenker LayerSlider LeftPeter Blenker LayerSlider Left
Peter Blenker
Founder and CEO of Blenker Companies, Inc.
His expertise and experience are a foundation to our companies. Peter has been involved
in all trades of the shelter industry since 1969. He continues to provide invaluable
assistance to developers, general contractors, home builders and designers.
Peter’s early education includes Mechanical Engineering and a Carpentry Apprenticeship.
Pamela Jewell LayerSlider Right
Pam Jewell
President of Blenker Construction
Pam attended school for Interior Design at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point.
There, she learned techniques in color design, kitchen layouts, and lighting specifics.
Although architecturally designing homes has been the bulk of what she does,
her first love is the interior design of any home. Every home should be welcoming to
those who live there and reflect the spirit of their lives.
Jason Blenker LayerSlider LeftJason Blenker LayerSlider Left
Jason Blenker
President of Blenker Building Systems
While he does have the corner office and the title to accompany it,
you can just as easily find him working alongside the crews out in the plant.
Along with the usual hard hat, he seems to wear an assortment of other hats for the
company. Jason is a graduate of the Construction Management program at UW Stout.
Kris Blenker LayerSlider RightKris Blenker LayerSlider Right
Kristifer Blenker
President of Our House Limited
Kris serves as the president of Our House Limited. His current duties include
assisting maintenance department with welding repairs as well as
designing and fabricating metal projects. He also holds a commercial driving
license and drives loads. He joined Blenker Companies, Inc. in 2008
and was hired for architectural design.

Contact Us

If you would like more information about building with us, buying one of our homes for sale, rental availability, or employment openings, please leave a message here. Our office is located in Amherst, Wisconsin between Stevens Point and Waupaca near the intersection of Highway 10 and County Highway A.
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