Blenker Companies Honors Employees at Annual Spring Fling Celebration

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Blenker Companies, a building solutions provider in Amherst, Wisconsin, honored its employees at its seventh annual employee Spring Fling celebration Saturday, April 21 at Opi’s 5 Star Lanes in Plover, Wisconsin.

The Blenker Spring Fling recognizes employees for their years of service who served for five years or 10 years [or any years of service that are multiple of five] and treats them to a banquet, activities and music.

Among the Blenker employees who were recognized that night for their five or 10 year milestones were Don Bachleitner, Dan Bonnell, Nate Goli, Gina Paulson and Justin Blenker.

Jason Blenker, president of Blenker Companies, announced the employee milestones as well as what co-workers had to say about each employee who was honored.

Bachleitner, controller, was recognized for his five years of service. Blenker co-workers described Bachleitner as detailed, experienced, and intelligent. Bachleitner said he was somewhat surprised and appreciative for the recognition. He enjoyed the event because he got to have non-work conversations with his co-workers.

Bonnell, production carpenter, was recognized for his 10 years of service. Blenker co-workers described Bonnell as reliable, dedicated, hard working and consistent. Bonnell said he was proud to be recognized and he appreciated all the compliments.

Goli, field crew carpenter, was recognized for his 10 years of service. Co-workers said Goli is reliable, skilled, a person of integrity, quality minded, intelligent and down to Earth.

Paulson, estimating manager, was recognized for her 10 years of service.

“Gina wanted a nice new black or steel grey pickup truck instead of a shirt,” Blenker said. “I got her a small remote control truck.”

Employees said Paulson is quiet, dedicated, persistent, honest, straightforward and knowledgeable.

“I enjoyed the description on how others see me here,” Paulson said. “Also being able to joke about getting a truck and receiving a mini one. It’s nice to know you have that relationship with a company that is comfortable poking fun at its employees—like a large family.”

Paulson added that her favorite part of the event that night was conversing with employees she normally doesn’t get to hang out with and getting to know them better outside of work.

Justin Blenker, director of information technology, was recognized for his 10 years of service. Co-workers said he is straightforward, dedicated, quiet, detailed, knowledgeable, persistent and very smart.

Jessica Anunson, project management clerk, was responsible for pulling the entire ceremony and event together.

“I enjoy being able to put everything together and hope that our employees and their guests have just as much fun attending,” Anunson said.

Anunson said the Spring Fling emerged as a replacement to the Christmas party that existed several years ago, so employees could relax and enjoy themselves and not have to worry about the busy holiday season.

“Many of our employees live outside of our community and this is a way to bring them together, let them interact with teammates and those in different departments and build a rapport. Knowing that everyone enjoyed themselves is number one in my book,” Anunson said. “A lot of time and energy go into planning and organizing events like this one, to see everyone having fun and laughing and sharing memories year after year really makes it special.”

This year, Ambrosia Pub & Grill provided a meal to the employees, and employees were also treated to a couple hours of bowling, music and giveaways.

Anunson said this year, there were over 40 prizes that employees could win. Suppliers and builders that work with Blenker contributed these prizes to the event to give away to employees who attended.

These prizes included items such as a kayak, an Amazon Echo and Brewers tickets.

The winner of the kayak was Robert Tessen, production carpenter.

“It was pretty interesting that I had won that because I’ve only been on board with Blenker for 90 days now, and that just goes to show that anyone can win anything,” Tessen said. “It’s kind of nice to see that a company like Blenker with that kind of appreciation, even if the prizes have come from other vendors, or companies that they partner with. It still shows that they appreciate the work that the employees do.”