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Blenker & Central Waters Brew Up Fall Fun For Employee Appreciation Event

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Blenker Companies, Inc. and Central Waters Brewing Co. got together to brew up pints of laughter and amusement for the fourth annual Blenker Fall Fun Day, an employee appreciation and team building event, which took place Friday, Oct. 19.

“Team building is important because it improves communication and relations between co-workers,” Mitchell Spoerl, a brewer at Central Waters Brewing Co. said. “A healthy work environment that can communicate effectively is probably the biggest key to success for companies today.”

Allison Wallace, a human resources assistant for Blenker Companies, organized the event, which included food, beverages, and a Fall Fun Day tournament with a series of relay games that all employees could participate in and win prizes.

“I think with the amount of growth that Blenker Companies is having, there’s always going to be new people coming in,” Wallace said. “So I think the team building games are great for them to meet the employees and get them on the same page.”

Before the event, Blenker Companies employees and Central Waters Brewing Co. employees were split into 17 teams of five to six, with 15 of the teams being from Blenker Companies and the other two being from Central Waters Brewing Co. Each team got to hand-pick their names, which were displayed on a colored T-shirt chosen for them.

Then, the teams were pitted against each other in a tournament format, which meant teams were eliminated during a series of relay style games, to go on to another game in the second round, to win the grand prize for the 2018 Fall Fun Day.

The games included the “Baby Rattle Challenge,” the “Yank It Challenge,” and “Flip Cup Challenge.”

The “Baby Rattle Challenge” involved teams lining up to see which team could shake all the beads inside their two liter bottles, which were taped together, to the other side in the fastest time possible.

The “Yank It Challenge” game involved three cups and two index cards, which were stacked on top of each other interchangeably. The game started with one team member sliding both cards from underneath the cups, with the goal of having the cups land on top of each other, and then the game would move down the line until all team members were able to complete the task. The team to do this in the fastest time won.

The third game was called the “Flip Cup Challenge.” This game involved a beer bottle, which was twelves inches from the table and a red cup, which was on the edge of the table. The object of the game was to have every member, one-by-one, complete the task of flipping the red cup, so it landed upside-down onto the neck of the beer bottle in the fastest time possible.

Three teams that were tallied to have the greatest success at the three original games, moved onto the second round of the Fall Fun Day event, with an additional team, a wild card team, which actually made it four. The wild card team advanced into the second round, based on all 17 teams voting on the best team name, before the event.

The teams that went onto the next round were the safety green team, the orange team and the forest green team. “Graham’s Crackers,” one of the two Central Waters Brewing Co. teams competing that day, moved forward as the wild card pick.

The second round involved another relay style formatted game, traditionally called the “Hula Hoop Challenge,” which involved each team being lined up, with the object of getting their team’s hula hoop through one end of their team to another end of their team, while their hands were held together. The team, which could accomplish this task in the fastest time, was given a six pack of beer, courtesy of Central Waters Brewing Co. The 2018 Fall Fun Day team winner was the forest green team.

“We all enjoyed hosting Blenker Companies and watching them enjoy our facility and our beer,” Tracey Viotto, a production manager at the Central Waters Brewing Co. said. “It is fun to be included and [we] enjoyed the games and the different strategies that people used. And of course, who doesn’t love a pig roast?”

After the 2018 Fall Fun Day winning team was announced, the “Build It Challenge” began, a traditional staple of Fall Fun Day since its beginning. Teams had 20 minutes, 30 nails, one hammer and 15 pieces of wood to construct a practical structure in order to win this challenge.

The winner of the challenge was the safety green team and they won a placard with their team’s name on it. This team constructed a modern style book shelf, and was chosen for having the best craftsmanship and being the most practical of all the projects that were constructed during this challenge.

“Our biggest accomplishment is seeing the love for Robert,” Lea said. “As his family, we are honored by all who have come to his event by donating, volunteering, baking, or simply taking the time to enjoy the event.”

“I think you definitely work harder for someone who you have a relationship with and you’re more willing to cooperate with individuals who you can connect with,” Tony Giese, a shipping and receiving coordinator at Blenker Companies and also a member of the safety green team said. “So it allows us to build a better product and just work well with one another.”